Planning your Trip to Amazonas – Discover the Two Seasons

The Amazon Rainforest in Leticia, Amazonas, offers an extraordinary experience all year round. However, there are two distinct seasons that showcase different aspects of this captivating region. Let’s explore the high-water and low-water seasons, and immerse ourselves in the wonders of the Amazon.

Amazon River High-Water Season (January to late June)

During the high-water season, the river rises up to 15 meters above its normal level, creating a breathtaking phenomenon. The famous varzeas, or flooded forests, transform the Amazon into a mesmerizing flooded jungle. This is the perfect time for activities such as kayaking through the flooded forest and navigating the tributaries and lakes. Immerse yourself in this unique ecosystem and witness nature’s stunning display.

Amazon River Low-Water Season (Late June to early December)

As the high-water season recedes, a different landscape emerges in the Amazon. The river lowers by 15 meters, revealing sandy beaches along the Amazon River and its tributaries. Enjoy refreshing swims in the Amazon River, embark on invigorating hikes, and marvel at the distinct scenery that unfolds during the low-water season. The contrasting views between the high and low-water seasons offer a truly remarkable experience.

Both seasons offer a plethora of activities and the opportunity to explore the Amazon. We highly recommend experiencing both seasons to fully appreciate the diverse landscapes and natural wonders. No matter the season, the Amazon Rainforest welcomes you with open arms, offering endless opportunities to observe the abundant wildlife and engage in exciting adventures.

Regarding rainfall, expect approximately one hour of rain per day regardless of the season. These refreshing showers only add to the enchantment of your Amazonian journey.

Please note that the only way to travel to the Amazon is by air from Bogota. We have convenient flights available with renowned airlines such as Latam and Avianca.

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