Leticia Amazonas Jungle Tours 2023 Best Deals

We have the best Amazon Jungle Tours deals from April until December 2023. Tour starting this days will have special discount all year long.

Amazon Jungle Tours Schedules:

  • Tour starting Tuesday at 7:00 am and finishing on Thursdays at 5:00 pm
  • Tour starting Thursdays at 7:00 am and finishing on Saturday at 5:00 pm
  • Tour Starting Saturday at 7:00 am and finishing on Monday at 5 pm

Leticia Amazon Jungle Tour Price

The price is $1.150.000 per persona for three day trip. Tours will start on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at 7 am.


You will have to arrive to Leticia a day before starting the trip. Must arrive Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. We will start the next day at 7:00 am.

All itineraries can get modified with the climate changes and the river levels.

1 Day – Amazon River transfer and adventure in Puerto Nariño starting at 7:00 am boat

Morning (6:30 AM)
As we will pick you up 6:20-6:30 A.M., there is no restaurant service around that time. We highly recommend buying snacks so you will have breakfast to go.

  • Hotel transfer to Leticia Port at 6:30 am
  • Public Transportation boat transfer to Puerto Nariño (from 1.30 hours to 2 hours)
  • Reception in Puerto Nariño
  • We will do trekking thru the jungle in the back of our village in which we will have the try to spot monkeys, flora and fauna explanation and have direct contact with the jungle, you will end up at a native natural reserve.
  • Typical lunch (From 12 pm – 1 pm)

Afternoon (2:00 PM)

  • Boat activity to spot grey or pink dolphins, we will visit lakes and navigate thru tributaries.

Night (7:00 pm)

  • Dinner
  • Night walk for the observation of insects, different Amazonian fauna, and flora.
  • Accommodation in a community hostel with your private room

Activities might change order depending on the weather condition.
(Hike-Dolphins / Dolphins-Hike)

2 Day – Adventure in Peru and Tarapoto Lakes

Morning (8;00 AM)

  • Breakfast
  • Sailing along the Amazon River to San Antonio de Cacao Island and the opportunity to spot Pink and Grey Dolphins
  • Walk in the jungle to spot a different kind of ecosystem with the biggest species of trees in the Amazon Region and visit the community
  • Possibility of lazy bear sightings (Sloths) and bird watching
  • Typical Lunch (12 pm – 1 pm)

Afternoon (2:00 PM)

  • Sailing along the Loretoyacu River tributaries with the possibility to spot more pink and grey dolphins and also monkeys on the shore
  • Sail Thru tributaries and visit the Tarapoto Lake
  • Boat activity to spot wildlife on the shore at the Igarapahuasu Tributary.

Night (6:30 pm)

  • Caiman Sightings by boat
  • Dinner
  • Accommodation in a community hostel with your private room

Activities might change order depending on the weather condition.

3 Day – Kayak back to Leticia at 5:00 pm

Morning (8;00 AM)

  • Breakfast
  • Kayak Activity on Lakes and Tributaries of the Amazon River
  • Possibility of monkeys spotting and bird watching
  • Typical Lunch (12 pm – 1 pm)

Afternoon (2:00 PM)

  • Visit the local Viewing Tower (45 meters high)
  • Return to Leticia by public boat from 3:30 pm to 5 pm
  • Transfer to the reserved hotel (We only cover free transfer to hotels in Leticia center, not in the km or away from Leticia).

If the water season is really high, we will change this activity to the native community of Santa Teresita for an amazing jungle walk to have the possibility to spot wildlife.

Tour Size Information: Small groups share excursions but accommodation is private, in the native community is a big cabin with rooms. We guarantee groups size are never more than 6 people.

What is included?

This includes the 2-night accommodation, 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner), water, tours, translator if needed, coffee (with breakfast) and fruit juices (with lunch and dinner), activities, and transportation. Alcohol you will need to pay for separately.

What is not included?

Activities not described on the tour, alcohol, tips for the guides (it’s optional), entry tax at the airport of Leticia $31.000, and entry tax at the entrance of Puerto Nariño $10,000.

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